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Pre akademy goodness and strawberries

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So the last few weeks I have been wandering mostly aimlessly wandering around Sweden. Flew into Stockholm and nearly immediately (after hanging out in the terminal catching up with USian friends) hopped onto a bus to Kalmar, in southern Sweden to visit an old PalmOS developer friend of mine, John. We met up and ate at a wonderful Chinese restaurant, and headed to their home a few kilometers north of Kalmar. I got to sleep in their guest house, which had an amazing view which looked over the Baltic sea. The view in the morning (4 in the morning to be precise) as the sun rose was simply amazing. And I didn't even get hit with jetlag :D


So, yesterday John and his wife drove their two boys and I around Kalmar and the surrounding area, to a candy factory, the ocean, and an island called (in English) simply Island. While on öland, we visited the summer home of the Swedish king and queen, and wandered around their garden for a while






After that, a nice relaxing train ride to Linköping to wander aimlessly looking for, and then meeting up with Chani Armitage and Inge Wallin, who are now currently on a bus to a ferry to Tampere. Sandsmark will join us at some point along the way, in his red suspenders and sexy UNIX beard.

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