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Some more spam for both of my subscribers’ rss feeds… Day 01: A Letter to your Best Friend

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One of my kinda-sorta-friends who I wish I had hung out with more in high school instead of just being facebook-friends has been taking up his blag in the last few weeks with a series of letters to various people.. I'm not putting my blag up to much use besides technocrap lately, and Links-from-the-week-of posts which have been sorely lacking links (a blogmarks.sh script apparently isn't a good enough reminder for me to blogmark interesting stuff.. let's see if I can pull something up using identi.ca's API), so here we go, some much needed introspection… The trouble is that the list has a lot of overlap for me, let's see how I do with that.

Tuna, my favorite soon-to-be-Sphincter,

Somehow we ended up as friends. I have no idea how, or under what circumstances I was stupid enough to stumble in to #teensonlinux, but your craptastic little community managed to completely change my life. You're absolutely batshit insane, and that's probably the best part about you; we can have pointless conversations about absolutely nothing, constantly, and find ourselves completely entertained. Friends like you are hard to find, mate, especially for an introvert like myself.

Thanks to you I found Phoenix LUG, and the GNU/Linux community at large, and you helped me to find a place where I actually fit in. You also helped me through some pretty shitty times, and always have my back, even if it's to stick an internet-kickme sign on my back. Through your incessant trolling and DoS'ing my IRC client via /invite, you even got me contributing to KDE, and who knows where that will be taking me in the future. I'll bring you back some Sky Malls from my trip to Finland, ya crazy shit :)

"Your" [friend] ([on]) ##the## Nile (A river in Egypt) (this line is based on a song) (I can tell you about it some time if yuo concur), <><that's><> right,


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