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Akademy approacheth!

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Cool, the bits for Akademy fell into place at just the right time, almost everything is set, just gotta pack and buy a few essentials, and do a bit of itinerarying!

I was kinda hoping that I could turn Akademy into a bit of a mini-vacation of my own; after Akademy visit some friends who won't be attending, friends that I have known way back in the PalmOS days, some of the first people I met online. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that will pan out. With any luck I will be able to visit one of my friends currently in Kalmar, Sweden, which will be awesome :)

I'm flying in to Sweden on the 29th, where I will hopefully have a day to kill with a bus ride from Stockholm to Kalmar, and then taking a ferry with Inge Wallin, Chani Armitage, and … someone who I keep forgetting, and arriving in Tampere on Friday the 2nd (1st? 30th?… I nearly got that wrong three times!). Please forgive me, whomever you are, I'll not forget it again I promise! ;) I'll be staying with most of the fellow Gearheads at TOAS, and will hopefully be sporting a custom KDE shirt by then to make you all jealous >:)

Oh, and I remembered today that I have a BoF/Workshop (depending on the mood) scheduled for 9:30 on Thursday in Area 2, for anyone who is interested in adding a Plasma dashboard to their application (A.K.A, my GSoC project). It'll more or less be "see what Ryan needs to add to the dashboard so that you can fully take advantage of it" session than anything else, most likely.

After Akademy, a ferry back to Stockholm. This is when things get interesting; if anyone in Stockholm wants to idle with me between the 10th and 13th either drop me a line, or leave a comment here. :) I plan on visiting the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology (thanks for the suggestion Sho_!) on one of those days, and need something to do on the other half or so that I will have to kill. Drop a comment if you have any other ideas :) Also, good recommendations on a hostel to stay at in Stockholm. I was looking at this one, but I'm not overtly sure what to look for. :)

Goodness, this is exciting :) And now I have an itinerary so that I stop forgetting ;) See ya in Finland!

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