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Free as in Freedom, babeeeeeh

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Ever since I have been a little kid, I have obsessed with creating… it started with LEGO when I was small, and moved to software when I got my first few programmable toys. A few weeks ago it hit me how obvious it would be to merge those two obsessions together… And I happened to have a tiny 4GB flash drive laying around which was just about the same height as a LEGO minifig minus the head.

So I sinned, and manged up a LEGO minifig with a penknife…. :(



I still need to clean the gorilla glue off of him, but it turns out that the logos on the business cards produced by fedora-business-cards make the perfect front and back to a LEGO minifig shirt :)

And the best part? He boots Fedora :D


Bringin' the Freedom. :D

Random, yes. Awesome, yes.

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