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The last few weeks of my life have been a bit of a roller coaster. I wrote in my last not-tech post that I wasn't sure what I would be doing for work this summer, I wasn't sure if I would get an internship at a company I could easily see myself working at in the future, I wasn't sure if I would be able to get any job in the current climate. Well, I'm now planning to spend this summer working on KDE, sponsored by Google for Summer of Code 2010. It's really exciting, I think. Yes, it's Google. Yes, I occasionally don't see eye to eye on what goes on in Mountain View, but they are helping Free Software and Free Software developers. So, I guess that it's a win-win for everyone involved. And even better, that internship turned into a Fedora Summer Coding project that I will be mentoring with Jaroslav Reznik and the KDE SIG, so we'll still see it come to fruition, and will have a new member of our community.

Based on those and a few other turning points over the last few weeks, I've decided to send a sponsorship request to the KDE e.V. Board for sponsorship to Akademy this summer. It's a buttload of money, looking at the costs of the flight alone on kayak. Upwards of 1400$ is a lot of money. If the Board wants to see me at Akademy, they'll get me there, and if not there is always next year, I suppose. I feel that things have been going my way enough recently that I may be able to coast on it and get at least partial sponsorship :)

The one thing that I was afraid of happened over the last few weeks – I haven't touched kmykbd at all :( I think that is less due to my GSoC involvement than a result of Fedora 13 Beta's Xorg breaking my tablet support. Oh well, hopefully I'm still in the mood to pick that up when the tablet support is restored.

Last week my great grandmother passed away in a car accident. I haven't really talked to anyone about it because I am not so sure what I think about it myself. She lived a long and fullfilling life, longer than anyone else in my family, and has been happy. When I see the photos of the car, it makes me wonder how my cousin, whose side of the car was crushed in when the car rolled, made it out with only scratches from cut glass. I dunno.

A while ago I wrote a long, drawn out rant about why I would not be going to prom. Regardless of what everyone said, oh it'll be fun, you have to go, etc, I chose not to go, and was pretty resolute in that. Thankfully, my closest friends also shared this opinion, and decided that instead of spending over 9000 dollars on prom, that it would be more enjoyable to go camping instead. It was, it was. I really enjoyed last weekend, getting to bond with my friends for possibly the last time before summer, when we're all off doing our own things.

I've been culling down and cutting people out of my life that I don't really want to deal with anymore. I'm not exactly sure what to think about telling off the one woman in the world I've ever loved, and one of the few who have ever hurt me, but I don't regret it. Nor any of the others I have cut out. If they can't respect me, why should I respect them? I deserve at least respect.

Things are really going my way this last few months, it's awesome. I love it.

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