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Fedora Marketing FAD wrapup-- The"Oops, I've forgotten to blag"post of extreme embarassment and summary-of-getting-things-done and summary-of-things-to-plow-through and long titles and midnight waffles

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I'm going to take a few minutes to catalog what I did and accomplish, and my TODO list to take away from the FAD.

Stuff I did

Today was the day of taping/disking/flashing video footage, with the RH PR guys, and our own Flip HD. The entire group of FAD attendees was interviewed in front of a camera with the intent of explaining each person's involvement and interests within the project… a few contributor spotlights. I had a lot of fun with this one, and hopefully the final cut looks really good – all of them will of course :D

After that we did a little group interview focusing on the Friends and Freedom aspects of our foundations, with professional filming by the Red Hat PR team, who will give us something which will no doubt look really freaking awesome when it is done. I think that the whole four-days-of-staying-up-late-and-hacking-during-the-day-and-night had kind of caught up to me by this morning, and I was in a bit of a nanner puddin' induced stupor. As a result I am afraid the vast majority of my contributions to this video will be nodding and "definitely" :( Oh well, it was awesome fun!

Stuff I have to plow through I have a few action items which I had/have said I would take care of:

Anyways, yes, a big white ribbon to all of the awesome attendees to the first Marketing FAD, I had a ton of fun meeting a bunch of awesome folks like you for the first time. :)

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