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Marketing FAD Day 1 -- Getting Stuff Done™

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Today was the official start of the 2010 Fedora Marketing FAD, the awesome week of awesomeness. And, oops, the Coyotes just scored again, meaning that Phoenix is beating the home town Carolina Hurricanes a wonderful 4 to nothing. Anyways, yeah, AWESOME FAD STUFF Got Done Today, and I'll probably be getting that down in a Serious Business post right after I get done harassing Max and Greg :)

We convened at Red Hat's offices this morning, brought some tables together into a very squarish circle, and began battling with the Fedora Talk infrastructure. As it turns out in the end, the mic was off on our end, and we proceeded to FAD it up, with an opening schedule making for the day, and a post-mortem of Fedora 12's marketing efforts. Watching this unfold was especially interesting for me, as I was not involved in the Fedora 12 marketing run at all, having joined the team right around Fedora 13's GA. Then we went into a few hours discussing the Epic What Is Fedora Question, before nailing down a specific Marketing goal, and a whole bunch of new materials for the wiki.

My homework for tonight is to review the Red Hat Brand Book, which Max has so graciously forwarded to us, and to write up another post about the progress we've made on the Marketing Plan and wikify it. Woo, Getting Stuff Done™ rocks! Will write more later, I think Phoenix just scored again :P

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