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Marketing FAD Day 0 (Why caffeine on a plane is a bad thing)

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I'm currently sitting on a plane somewhere between Phoenix and Raleigh, catching up on all of my unread mail, writing this post offline in blogilo, and getting prepared for the start of tomorrow's AWESOME Fedora Marketing FAD 2010! We have a whole butt load of exciting things to take care of this weekend, and that means I will be ingesting a LOT of caffeine. YAY FOR CAFFEINE (Plane attendant came by with some a while ago if you can't tell! :) )

I'd love to talk about the awesome schedule that we have for BRIGHT AND EARLY 9 AM tomrorow (What, I can't sleep in until 1pm like usual? Yargh!). However, the FAD wiki page is currently staring at me with a big ole HOST NOT FOUND error message :( How is it that most people who fly now-a-days get in-flight wifi, but don't? Blasphemy! Anyways, the wiki page is chock full of information about this weekend. We're gonna be doing lots of Really Awesome Stuff™, and I simply cannot wait for tomorrow morning, even though I'll probably be up all night finding someone to play nethack with me :>

If I remember correctly, in the morning, we'll be doing a Fedora 12 Marketing Post-mortem, which should be fun for me since I missed most of that :-) Then we'll be talking about the goals for the FAD, along with the goals of the Marketing team for F13 and BEYOND! (See how I got the Goddard/Rock it/Space thing in thar?*)

After FOODS we'll be reconvening to talk about all the Crazy Marketing Research Stuff that Robyn has been working on, along with creating a plan for surveys. This of course means that we need to get LimeSurvey done and packaged by the end of the FAD. David Nalley (who gets in at the prime-hacking-hours of midnight to 1 am) and I will be doing some REAL SRS WORK on getting limesurvey's dependencies all taken care of, packaged, and made to be Pure Win so that Marketing, and Fedora at large, can create Really Awesome Surveys! Woo! Find us in #fedora-fad if you want to halp :) We may need some folks with Packaging sponsorship privileges to help welcome awesome new PHP packagers into Fedora Packaging, hint hint.

But, all of that is DEFINITELY not as important as watching my home town team, the Phoenix Coyotes, kick some hockey butt against Carolina's team tomorrow night. ;)

Anyways, the caffeine just left me with a HUGE crash, so I'm going to try to pass out on this plane, and I will see ALL of you tomorrow in #fedora-fad on Freenode.. Right? :)


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