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The Great Desktop Switchoff Day 2-3: Getting into the trenches

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So the last few days I have been settling in on using GNOME more, and I'm a little bit more comfortable with it. I've dropped Gwibber for Choqok as the UI is imo as unusable as GScribble was. If pidgin keeps up this use-both-cpu-cores-with-no-particular-reason thing, I'm probably going to drop it, too. It's probably due to one of the plugins I am using, but I have no real way to know for sure.

Let's see… what else do I have to complain about? ;)

I guess you could take a look. :) (BIG AWESOMEness for Felix for setting up that page and filling in the KDE side)

The list of not-annoyances is larger than the list of annoyances though, so I guess it's kinda okay. I think GNOME works a little better than KDE in terms of using it in tablet only mode, still trying to figure out exactly why that is.

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