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Phoenix, Arizona KDE SC 4.4 Release Party -- February 20

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Hey, planets!

Anyone who is in the Phoenix metropolitan area is invited to a KDE SC 4.4 release event at Matador Coffee in North Phoenix north of Paradise Valley Community College this Saturday, Febuary 20, from noon to 4pm.. It is a fairly small venue, though it should fit our planned attendance (we currently have about five folks planning to attend, possibly more) and has awesome food and even more awesome coffee; The New Times voted the venue best Coffee in the valley, and for good reasons!

So, stop by, have a bite to eat, chat with some KDE users and contributors (Myself and one of the developers of Konversation, the KDE IRC client will be there) and just have a fun time! I will burn a few KDE SC 4.4 live images (Fedora, and possibly others) for folks to use and share with friends. Drop me a line if you are interested in coming! See ya there!!

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