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KDE SC 4.4RC2 Fedora KDE preview

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Hey all,

Interested in trying out KDE SC 4.4 but don't want to do a full installation, risking system instability? Before my presentation at Wednesday's Phoenix Linux User Group meeting, it occured to me that I should bring a live image for folks to play with. Unfortunately, I spun x8664 live images, which are great for x8664 folks, but pretty lametastic for everyone else. So, our awesome KDE SIG and kde-redhat maintainer Rex Dieter, fixed that, and, after fixing my kickstart a few times of course (:D) we have unofficial i686 KDE 4.4 previews. They lack the Fedora branding for legal reasons, but for all intents and purposes, it's the same system as you'd get by installing Fedora 12 and then configuring KDE-redhat repos.

So, have at it. Rex has three servers seeding, and I'll seed when I can :) The image is 700Mb total (sorry) so it doesn't fit on a CD, but is just about the perfect size for a 1gb live usb. We'll probably try to par down the image to fit a CD at some point, but for now this 'just works' :)

Any bugs that you may come across can be given to us either in #fedora-kde on IRC, or the fedora-kde mailing list. :)

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