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Things I learned at Camp KDE 2010

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Things I learned at Camp KDE 2010:

I have met so many amazing people this weekend, and knowing that I may not see (m)any of them until next year's camp is a really depressing thought. :( I simply cannot wait until the next time we meet up for a weekend like this. It may be in the Great White North, but that's okay, I guess. :)

I guess this will be my last post about Camp KDE until next year's, so I just want to thank everyone who helped me have a really amazing 18th birthday, a really amazing learning experience, and a chance to meet so many awesome people. :)

I came to this conference to learn about KDE development, and get energized to do something. I missed the Qt training that will be tomorrow, unfortunately, so that first part will be a longer term project for me :) But I'm pumped and ready to kick some major butt!

Jeff is a master at doing a good job setting up events, I think. Camp KDE was 99% flawless, besides a few behind-schedule-ness days, which was mostly because we started late (because we all need coffee ;) ) and there were so many awesome questions during the presentations at the event. Regardless of that one issue, the event was epic win, and Jeff should get a large gold star taped to his Amarok tee shirt for all of this.

Everyone who stayed in the hostel was simply awesome, including some of the people who didn't go to camp, and were just there. That random guy who sang Bobby McGee is a Karaoke god, for example. I think he was literally sweating after singing that song.

And then there are the folks who I spent the last four days with, hacking, eating, and having fun with. I can't say enough about all of you, and at the same time, I can hardly say anything at all because I am speechless. Jos, Frank, Troy, Blauzahl, Aaron, Ade, Marco, Helio, Jeff, Chani, and everyone I am too tired to remember; you all ROCK!! Seriously. It almost makes me wish KDE wasn't such an amazing global community, that we could all get together and do things like this more often. Alas, we are an awesome global community though, and that's what makes us as amazing as we are :)

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