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Oh GTK, how I love learning about thee?

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Hey guys, I need some help from a GTK developer more talented and knowledgeable than I. I'm trying to make a nice UI for Fedora-tour's first page, in which a user is presented a quick tour of some installed software, and fedora in general, à la:


Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, this is basically impossible without using gtk.Fixed, which, from my interperetation, sucks. I've been told by a few people to implement a UIBuilder object and construct it from XML, but I can't really 'do' that because the content is being generated dynamically, and these icons may or may not exist, or may exist in a different order than is set in the XML. The key for Fedora-tour is to make the content editors' (Docs team, marketing team, possibly SIGs) job as easy as possible, including not making them have to patch a big-old-XML for the entire application's GUI. An XML UIBuilder simply is not possible in this case. :(

anyone have any idea on how to handle this?

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