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I Want to Celebrate... WITH YOU! (and some other troll food)

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myself a cool eighteenth birthday present.

Camp KDE sounds like the most amazing time. I'd get to spend the week of my birthday (15-22) learning the basics and more of KDE development. This is where I eventually want to be, working on KDE either as a hobbyist, or even (omg) as a job. So, this could be my foot in the door. I'd get to spend a week with a bunch of like minded hackers getting taught by some of the best coders in the project (I know Aaron Seigo would be there, I don't remember who else… Jos? Sebas, too, I think? I'm writing this offline or I'd check) I don't know as many people upstream as I do in KDE, so I would have a little trouble fitting in at first, I think, but that may be a good thing. But, I'd miss a week of school to attend, and it would be only a few weeks after my second semester has started. That could mean trouble, knowing me and knowing my classes. Also, I don't think many Fedorans would be in attendance; let me know otherwise, anyone. :<

The Southern California Linux Exposition takes place this February. Before today I hadn't really considered it an event I'd be interested in attending. Then Larry Cafiero asked if I was willing to attend, and quite a few of the other Ambassadors said that they were attending. My mentor (Hi Clint!) said he'd be attending, so that would be pretty cool, and quite a few others will probably in attendance. It'd be an event where I could help run the Fedora booth (rather than the admittedly cool but low scale table I have at ABLEconf) and attend lots of really awesome talks without getting wrapped up in the whole set-up-and-stress-about-the-event, though that's usually more set up than stress. Of course, the ambassador side of me will be more than taken care of after that event, and I'd get to meet lots of people outside the KDE and Fedora spectrum, but past that it wouldn't really pan out I guess. It'd still be cool, and I think one of ABLEconf's organizers will be presenting, or maybe he did last year, i'm not sure, to be honest.

Maybe? Who knows? :-D I guess my parents do, but shipping me to SoCal twice so soon may be too much money. Maybe I could fund one of the trips myself, but I don't think so.

So, yeah, please leave me comments and let me know what you think I should do (leave "Both" out of the voting please ;-) ) for my birthday and if anyone is willing to celebrate with me at Camp KDE or SCaLE :-)

I was going to post a little post on all the dramallamaing going on with the fedora-advisory-board (as I'm not knowledgable enough to post something to the list that won't get me flamed out) and the recent hubbub over tatica's Project 365, but I've decided not to get into either of those issues beyond what I write below.. I won't reply to any comments I receive on this, sorry.

All I'll say that is I think focusing solely on creating a stable, bla bla bla, distro is a bad idea as I look at Fedora as proving grounds for the future software that will make it into Ubuntu or other distros whose targets are new users. Fedora has never been a distro that catered to new users, and I don't think changing that goal would be a good thing. And as for the recent trouble tatica's received over her project 365[2][3][4][5], I don't know tatica well enough to say anything on her character besides the few times we've talked in #f-ambassadors but I think that she is a really cool person and that what she is doing is really cool – we are all artists in our own way on the Fedora project, whether your art is photography, or documentation, or some of the awesome hacking and packaging going on. Stifling one contributor's art – she wasn't technically stifled from what I understand, but received negative criticism which led to her removing 365 from the feed she exports to planet – from our Planet or elsewhere goes against the spirit of this project. Perhaps we should stop allowing posts like this one here, or posts showing code that isn't necessarily related to Fedora, or the outside lives of our various developers. All in all, Planets are about community, about giving a human face to somewhat solitary creatures (us, contributors) not about wholly techincal and 'on topic' posts, and that's how they should say. I applaud tatica for bringing project 365 back to the planet.





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