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ABLEconf 2009, anyone? Yes, you!

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So, we're getting closer and closer to that final deadline for proposals for the 2009 Phoenix Arizona Business and Liberty Experience! As the head of the presentations committee, I'm incredibly excited to see the awesome lineup we're set to have for Arizona's largest Free Software conference, and all the crazy stuff we're doing to make the event simply awesome!

We are still working out the final schedule for the presentations, but we have some awesome presentations from local business leaders, User Group members, and even some surprise appearances from the big wigs in the Free Software community.

ABLEconf is beginning to roll up to become an amazing event, but we still need your help, vitally! If you are a business owner or otherwise and will be in the Phoenix, AZ area on October 24th, we encourage you to attend, learn about Free Software, network with fellow business leaders, and in general have a fun time.

On Friday the 23rd, we'll tentatively be having a barcamp style FOSS development/hacking day. We are still working out the details on this, but it should be a very interesting day. We'll have more details as the event approaches, but needless to say there will be FOSS and there will be code. And it will most definitely ROCK!

Saturday the 24th is the big day. ABLEconf opens bright and early – 10:00am – with some very awesome presentations in the main auditorium of UAT and three classrooms we will have set up for presentations. Presentations ranging from Netbooks to Hadoop to virtualization to going green will be held in these rooms until about 4:00 pm.

Presentations tentatively include:

The day will be literally packed with presentations – I have the fun task of arranging more than 25 presentations while keeping everyone happy! – so there may be the possibility of missing one you really wanted to see in favor of a presentation you simply HAD to see. Fortunately, we will have a camera set up in at least one room, and the presentations that are recorded will be available online after the conference in a Free and Open format, such as Ogg Theora, so that you can get in on the action even if you aren't able to attend in person.

After ABLEconf 2009 is 'officially' over, Sunday will give attendees the chance to sit back, relax and frag your fellow ABLEconf'er. That's right, Sunday, October 25th will cap off an exciting weekend with a FOSS LAN party, featuring games of Nexuiz, OpenArena, Battle for Wesnoth, and other exciting Free Software games. Everyone who attends Saturday is invited to show up, bring friends, and bring a rig capable of running these exciting games. For those who have yet to embrace the fun that is FOSS gaming, we should be able to provide live-cd's with most of the games preloaded on them. Yours truly will have to bum a machine capable of fragging someone a little harder than my EeePc is currently capable of, so that should prove an interesting side quest in itself. ;)

We are also in VITAL need of sponsorship for this event; we are working madly to secure funds for helping to improve and could use YOUR help! Don't worry, the facilities and all the necessities are in place, but we need help with that 'icing on the cake.' We have various sponsorship options which are explained in detail here [http://ableconf.com/sponsorships] and our appreciation would be endless if you could help to support this amazing event.

I've had the chance to spend some time talking with a few of our presenters in some detail, and am very excited for what we have coming this October. Lisa Kachold will be explaining how to set up and manage enterprise spam handling, Matthew Coulliette will be giving a number of awesome presentations as introduction to the FOSS community and various Mozilla applications, Rick Spurgeon of Red Hat will be speaking on going green in the enterprise, virtualization, and how Red Hat can fit into your business plans, and Aaron Seigo, who served for a year as the President of the global KDE non profit and is currently leading the KDE Plasma project, will be speaking about, you guessed it, KDE and how it continues to revolutionize the desktop. Being the KDE fanboy I am, the chance to meet Aaron Seigo in person is reason enough to attend. We have tons of other presentations in the works and I simply cannot wait to tell you about them all! :) There are only five more days for you to submit a speaking proposal for ABLEconf 2009, so send in those proposals! [http://ableconf.com/2009/Phoenix/cfp]


Ryan Rix

ABLEconf Presentations Committee chair

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