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Friends and College

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So, this weekend I had the rare chance to head to the Bay area and San Luis Obispo to take a look at some schools to apply to, and to meet up with some old friends.


I must have a different definition of the word friends then most people do. Unlike what facebook, and most other people tell me, I do not have 101 friends. I have at most 10. My friends are the people I trust, the people I have fun with, the people I enjoy being around. Only all three of those together really make you my friend.

My friends, my real friends, always have a very wierd relationship with me – most of them are still wrapped in that enigma of having never actually met them. So, I broke one more of those barriers this weekend, by touring Stanford with Donald Kirker, and, for the first time in seven(?) months, I met up with Dmitry Grinberg.

In general I'm a supremely insecure person, and have in some ways been dreading meeting up with these two, though I have been looking forward to it at the same time. It's kind of strange – I have a lot of fun talking to Donald online, but I always have that fear that things just won't really be as open and fun and hilarious. But that's never the case. Donald is supremely fun to hang out with and I had a lot of fun getting lost wandering around Stanford's campus with him (more on that later) It was the same with with Andrew, before I met him at PLUG a month or so ago. I don't know what part of me makes myself worry about meeting people in person so much, but I do nonetheless.

And, anyone who knows me can attest to this, Dmitry and I have a strange friendship, to say the least. He's a genius, he's an egomaniac, he can be an ass at times. We're probably few of a small group of people who can both say, how can I put this lightly, that they've both had sex with eachother's girlfriend. That wasn't put very lightly, I suppose… Yet, I somehow put all of that aside, and still consider him one of my friends. He is no longer one of my close friends, nor am I willing to come to him for help with many of my problems. But he's still a fun guy, and I still enjoy hanging out with him.

And when you get the three of us together (Donald, Dmitry and I) we have a lot of fun, or had. It's a fun thing when you can get three different guys of such different backgrounds together, and just have fun. I enjoyed hanging out with them, for what few hours that we got to hang out. We had dinner at this awesome chinese restaurant, Chef Chu's, which I HIGHLY recommend if you are ever in Mountain View. Of course, Dmitry insisted on paying for the three of us, after showing us his new 56 diamond watch and his T-Mobile iPhone, which he had to replace the baseband to get working, but hey, I guess I'm cool with that. After that, we walked across the street to cold stone for ice cream, and I got THE biggest waffle cone I have ever seen. Me: "This thing is fucking huge. COuld they have given me a bigger one?" Dmitry: "Just shut up and lick it." I wouldn't have even picked up on it, but Donald and Dmitry were instantly laughing. We walked back to Dmitry's apartment, which is depressingly furnished, by the by, and watched him attack us with his RC airplane for about an hour, then Donald drove me back to my hotel and headed back to SLO.


So, this weekend I had the chance to tour CalPoly SLO, Stanford and UC Berkeley. Each school had its upsides and its downsides, but I think that if I end up going to school in California, I will go to CalPoly SLO.

Cal Poly SLO

CalPoly has an absolutely beautiful campus and is just about the size that I want to go to. They have a very friendly campus, and almost everyone I said hello to, or asked a question of, was helpful and nice. I really like the environment of the campus. Also, I think it is one of the few out of state schools I am interested in that I may have a fairly decent chance of getting accepted into. All in all, I definitely want to go here. It's fairly close to Pismo beach, about a fifteen minute drive, and Pismo is pretty cool, a good place to go every once in a while, I suppose. I also thought it was cool that incoming freshman had to declare their majors.

But, like every other out of state college, it's probably too expensive for me :( I think that I could afford it if I get lucky with a few good scholarships, but other wise 33k for out of state tuition is a little too much… Donald says he knows a friend who went there from Oregon who may be able to help me out with ideas, so…


I hate being lost. I hate being physically lost about ten times worse. I should never be lost while wandering around a college. Yet that's what Donald and I managed to do in the hour before our walking tour at Stanford. I think that it'd be a fun school to go to, but I couldn't help but feel that it was elitist and somewhat snobby.


UC Berkeley is a nice school; the atmosphere is closer to what I am looking for than Stanford was, however, money comes into play again, and when you are ranked the number one public school in the world, you can probably get away with making it unnaffordable to get in. Also, the tour guide made it sound like you have to be quite the student to get accepted… :(

That pretty much just leaves me with CalPoly and UofA, hopefully I can afford to go to CalPoly, because I really want out of AZ badly.

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