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Have You Submitted a Proposal for ABLEconf Phoenix 2009?

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As some of you may know, I am on the team of organizers for the Arizona Business Liberty Experience being held October 24th, 2009 at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona. ABLEconf (http://ableconf.com) is a Free Software conference featuring Free Software developers and users pitching various Free Software, ideas and techniques to help bring Free Software to a wide ranging audience of local and state government, educational institutions, and various sized business in the Valley.

ABLEconf provides a unique opportunity to reach an entirely different audience than most conferences allow you to reach, and at a far more intimate level than those huge conferences.

ABLEconf is currently accepting proposals for various different tracks, including:

Virtually anything FOSS related that you could think of are a valid topic up for review and I, along with the rest of the proposals team, will make sure that we have an amazing day lined up for everyone. We are currently trying to round up a few 'big names' to also come speak, and hopefully this will make the conference all the more exciting for everyone involved. I must say that I am getting more and more excited myself as we inch closer and closer to the event.

Once I get my school's Free Software club started in the next week or two (I need to talk to Mr. Lopez, ASAP!) I will also be lobbying to have some of my school and district officials attend the event. Our school has recently incorporated Firefox into the software library our school uses, and is slowly but surely shipping it out (Until then, Internet Explorer 6 is still installed on the systems, and the default browser, oops) and being able to expose them to more Free Software may help to reduce costs further down the road, and help educate students and teachers on the benefits of Free Software. This is one example of many audiences that you could reach by presenting at ABLEconf 2009.

If any PlanetFedora subscribers, or subscribers to my blag, or interested parties on my twitter/identi.ca/facebook profile, will be in the Phoenix area the weekend of October 24 they should consider submitting a presentation proposal, or just stopping by. There is no admission fee, or tickets required, and the benefits to your subproject and the Fedora project in general could be huge. If you submit a proposal before September 7 you are also eligible for early bird registration prizes ;) We will have a number of vendors on hand if you want to purchase any Libre swag or gadgets, as well.

I have yet to receive any word from the Fedora Ambasadors regarding ABLEconf 2009, but at the very least it would be awesome to see some unnoficial support via developers and maintainers and users attending the event.

If you are interested in submitting a presentation, please take a look at http://ableconf.com/node/30 and for general information http://ableconf.com .


Ryan Rix

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Ryan Rix is a privacy rights advocate and net-art wannabe. Reach them on the Fediverse as @rrix@cybre.space, twitter as @rrrrrrrix, via email to ryan@whatthefuck.computer or on Facebook or on Matrix as @rrix:whatthefuck.computer.