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So, if my .planet writing skills are halfway decent, my blag is now being aggregated on PlanetFedora (http://planet.fedoraproject.org), and as my inspection of the blogroll shows, I am included. So, hello, Planet!

As one of the newer members of the project, I'm not quite up to speed on the regular workings of how many things are done around here, but I am quickly learning just what needs to be done for certain things. I am currently not cut out much for being a coder or a bug buster, but I've filed my share of bugs, and am planning on helping out in documentation and packaging, with priority to the KDE desktop environment. I've a package up for review already (IVAN – An SDL roguelike) and plan to have a few more in the near future.

I'm a HUGE fan of the KDE desktop, it fits me perfectly and is, imo, the best solution to make my work and school easier. I have Fedora running on my (one and only) machine, an EEE 1000HE with a few choice modifications – a 500GB internal HDD and 2GB ram. It's really a capable machine and KDE and the workflow I have set up on my machine makes it all the more powerful and useful. It will be even more exciting when 4.4 comes out with plasma-netbook and I can give that a shot on my system.

Personally, I am the stereotypical high school computer geek, and a Free Software fanatic. My messenger bag advertises that, often times my clothing advertises that (I need some Fedora swag, still, cafepress didn't have any) and I really don't care who disagrees with me. 99% of my classmates are Windows users and don't really understand why my computer doesn't look like theirs or anything like that, and I suppose that's half the fun ;) I live in Phoenix, AZ, USA, which is for the most a completely boring suburban city, though it is currently the fifth largest in the USA! Hopefully after graduate. Outside of Free Software and high school, I work a part time job programming Microsoft ASP.NET systems (isn't that ironic?) but it's a fun job and I am definitely learning a lot of things which will help later down the road, in Free Software. I am also currently trying to pick up guitar, which should prove to be interesting as I am not much of a musician, though I love all types of music!

Catch me on twitter/identi.ca as phrkonaleash or on IRC as PhrkOnLsh, see you around, everyone!

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