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On Asus -- Or what do you mean I can't take out the harddrive?

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I love my Asus EEE 1000HE. It's an amazing laptop that can do damn near anything I want it to, just as well as my old laptop, and in way more places. It's a little bit slower, and I can't do the same amount of intense gaming I could on my old laptop, but the system makes up for it in so many other ways, such as batter life. I run a full Fedora 11 KDE system (none of that EEEbuntu or Moblin sissy crap!) and with minimal tweaking everything worked, even 3D desktop effects aren't so choppy all of the time. Well, imagine my surprise and distress when I learned that it was no longer taking a charge. I took a look at my power cable to make sure that it was not an 1D10T error, and when I unplugged the cable from my laptop I found that the little pin where the DC plug goes in had broken away from the laptop.

Thankfully (and perhaps this was telling, in retrospect) Asus Support's phone number is printed on the bottom of the device, so at about 10pm I gave them a call…

I was greeted by a friendly Indian woman whose name I did not catch and after explaining my problem to her, she offered to send an advanced replacement on the device and was very helpful in general. And then the call died, and I hadn't got a support ID number from her… :(

I called back and after being put on hold for about five minutes, I was greeted by a friendly Indian man whose name I did not catch and after explaining my problem to him, he offered me a support ID number and was very helpful in general. And then he asked for my permission to wipe the harddrive on the device to factory settings should something need to be tested and they are unable to log into my system and figure out whether or not it is charging. I was obviously not okay with it because, as any good computer user, I had no backup.

I asked him if I could send it without a harddrive at all. After being placed on hold for ten minutes I was told that removing the harddrive voided the device's warranty. What? Almost every computer I've ever seen, along with this one, has had the common, easily replaceable hardware in a position where it could easily be removed and upgraded, except for Leah's Dell tower which was inexplicably riveted shut! So, needless to say I found this very surprising. Okay, well, how can I get 100GiB of data off of a harddrive, onto an 80GiB desktop in fifteen minutes? Uh… crap.

So, I went to Fry's Electronic, bought a beautiful 500gb hdd, took out the EEE's harddrive (YOU DIDNT READ THAT!) and backed up to the 500gb. Very nice. Off the laptop went to Asus and three weeks later I am back on it.

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