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I'm Ryan Rix and I am: an intolerable Emacs nerd; a privacy activist; computer infrastructure wonk; public infrastructure wonk-wannabe; learning elixir; a blue smoke summoner; optimistic; empathetic; on sabbatical; living in Seattle.

After a little over five crazy years as an engineer at Uber, I'm on a sabbatical, traveling and dusting off side-projects and habits that I've neglected.

I build decentralized infrastructure in my free time. I build stupid Emacs libraries and applications. I take public transit. I computer :(. Some may say that I open source, too. I buy stupid domains and use them for bad jokes. My dirty secret is that all of my other jokes are based on old Liam Lynch videos.

In past lives, I've been an SRE and Privacy Engineer, storer of stories, hackerspace board member, javascript nerd and 3D printer botmaster. I am still some of these things.

I post various post types: long-form articles, photos, Check-ins, music I like, things I've read, Twitter-style notes, replies to posts and tweets, things I like, and things I've reposted or retweeted. I'm going to be adding more and more post types as I integrate them in to Arcology, my self-sufficient media platform.

Retrospective: Foregrounds Are Gone by the volume settings folder (2018)

Retrospective: All This Here by Jonas Bonnetta (2018)

Retrospective: [USA] by Anamanaguchi (2019)

Retrospective: Love as a Dark Hallway by the Flashbulb (2011)

Where's rrix Been: India

Where's rrix Been: San Diego and Phoenix

I will be in Arizona Oct21-28

I won't be at the Homebrew Website Club this month

I'm at Wayward Coffeehouse for Homebrew Website Club

I'm going to HWC tomorrow

Westfalia Trip Report

Augmented UI is a cool cyberpunk inspired CSS toolkit

YouTube video on Differential Privacy

Test post for bridgy fed

I'll be renting a Camper Van and driving around Washington in September

Where does the newborn go from here?

I'm going to Homebrew Website Club Seattle!

State of the Art

Asynchronous and offline


From Washington to Chicago

#cybrespace, pronounced sigh bray

Project: CCTV datalogger

My Favorite Anime

Fire Hydrant

Every Day Art

The Right to Be Forgotten -- Laptop 2


Cyberpunk Skylines

Heart goollllllll--

Sunsetting on Amtrak

Sunny day in Japantown

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

I'm at #SGDQ2017 this week!

Re-hashing my web presence

Some random thoughts on improving self-hosting of software at home.

I took a bunch of photos of my Gundams

My little roguelike is coming together

Getting my Apartment setup to the point where I love it

History is written by the winners

So @NatlParkService is narrating my trip from Portland to Seattle

A guy from Portland gave me his yo-yo

Woke up this morning looking at this cutie

Spent the evening on #Amtrak talking to a really interesting guy from Japan

It doesn't have a name yet, but here is my Preonic.

Keyboard Layout Exploration

Catastrophic Data Loss and Me

Sad to see @StorehouseHQ will be shutting down on July 15, 2016.

Nervewire, a image deck

The Master Grade RX-93 Nu Gundam is a fun build. #gunpla

The Master Grade MSN-04 Sazabi is a wonderful #gunpla

Lunch outside of the @InternetArchive

Now @KevinMarks running a panel on p2p networks #DWebSummit

#DWebSummit @vgcerf Desirable properties of a self archiving web

Vint Cerf is talking about lessons learnt from the first internet and what the second should look like

I'm at the @InternetArchive for the Decentralized Web Summit

TIL Twitter blocks bots on

@torwegia ohhhhmyyygooddddd

Just gave a demo of Arcology at #indieweb Homebrew Website Club and no one laughed at me!

@BerlinWalrus Naw man, computers are bullshit.

I'm at another #indieweb homebrew website club!

@torwegia I mean, the canon is that vibranium absorbs sound so that its stronger... not reflects it

Completed my first Master Grade #gunpla

New signal identity

@rrrrrrrix And the good news about going matrix-only is that I can still federate out to IRC and others at will.

This whole Moxie/Signal thing...

tfw your leadership is completely anti-state

Finished the Real Grade RX-78 Gunpla

My coworker gave me some emoji stickers

Really cool documentary on the creation of BART

Starting the day off with a bit of home

Jump Up and Bounce Down by FantomenK on The Massacre

=matrix-client.el= 1.0.0 released!

"Go outside, fat fuck."

I bought tickets to a vocaloid show. 🙏 🙏 🙏

@michielscholten Thule is nice, but covered in logo and #brand :(

I am going to make every effort to go to the next #indieweb HWC 💟

I am going to Cyberdelia at DNA Lounge!

Went up to Torrie Pines today

@BerlinWalrus yeah, it's still a WIP, but it's coming along

@BerlinWalrus @Torwegia it's coming from Arcology my #indieweb blog-engine built in ...

@BerlinWalrus We'll need @Torwegia to be a razorgirl.

Today I bought a new bag

@BerlinWalrus All I've ever wanted in my life is to be a decker :3

@huertanix Oh, yeah, it is. I haven't checked my email in like two weeks augh.

Now that the base of Arcology is working, time to work on design...

Cyberstrike ft. Sabrepulse by Shirobon on The Arcade Dream

@huertanix @willbradley We could exchange Snowdenmail through the Web Of Trust, no?

Back on Signal (née E2E is a Ghetto)

Updated my gpg key's expiration date today

TIL that =surfraw= was written by Julian Assange

The Miami Knight

Cherry Pepsi by Saint Pepsi on HIT VIBES

Gonna Laser Etch on to Miami Nights tonight

Miami Nights Ergodox

Helped my friend Prescott pull images from space

Coworking at Cohoots

Introducing Arcology

Staffing some SRE positions at $DAYJOB

"Actually it's GNU+Windows"

Today I went to the Legion of Honor with @Torwegia

The Importance of Meditation Spaces

Selling a bunch of hobby toys

For sale: 54mm Binder Design Sentinel model rocket

For sale: 37mm 6 fin rocket

For sale: 54mm Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke

For sale: 54mm Black Brant II kit

For sale: 37mm Arcas HV Fibreglass model rocket

For sale: AeroSky 550 hexacopter

Apparently I had an evernote account still

The Importance of Having a Tribe and a Third Place

Another homebrew website club meeting (@ Mozilla San Francisco in San Francisco, CA)

Meetup Cancelled: Coffee.el

Rethinking how I store and process Quantified Self data

Bits of the dope-ass set that @Terminal11 played at F8 (via @NicolaSegall)

Just pushed =matrix-client.el= 0.3.0

Matrix-Client.el 0.3.0

Lostpass: Pixel-perfect lastpass phishing

Starting to curate a Twitter list of people decentralizing things.

Wow @trklou's CCC talk is powerful. Watch it.

Has the @EFF or anyone thought about making a minimal TAILS or Raspbian image just for GPG key setup?

Fixed a weird interaction issue i was having in #Emacspeak

I got @sonic_pi working with BCS

What does it want??

I pushed my #IndieWeb notes generator (the thing creating these posts)

The TTY Demystified should be required reading

Did a CAD design for the ergodox deck

Baby's second korg (cc @emilymhorsman)

Today I successfully used GPG to communicate securely with another human being.

RIP Ian Murdock 😿

Tonight I wrote a blog generator framework

How many words have been wasted on ten harmless ones that appear once in the message area when starting Emacs?

Publishing Short-notes using org-mode

Matrix and IndieWeb: A match made in heaven? 👼

Polynomial: A Decentralized Webring

Body Computing System continuations

On the Balkanization of my chat communities

Mclient.el --- A frontend for Emacs

Body Computing System: A Redux, and a Dream

Screencasting FSEM?

Automatic Workflows in Org-Mode

How I Created Hardcore Freestyle Emacs

KDE ActivityManager in Emacs

Capture All EWW Buffers

What am I Reading?

Automatically Re-set Emacs Environment

Practicing Stress Free Living

Weekly Review 10 May 2015

EmacsConf as a Community Watering Hole

Learning Elisp by Solving My Own Problems

Weekly Review 12 April 2015

Weekly Review 05 April 2015

The Battle to Get Online

Weekly Review 30 March 2015

Emacs San Francisco Meetup Group

Weekly Review 2015-Mar-13

ERC Filtering for Sanity

Body Computing System - An update

Hairbrained Idea: Literate Ansible Playbooks

In Which I Throw Out My Phone

Hardcore Freestyle Emacs 0.0.1

2014: How Did I Do?

Gnus Subject Munging for Great Threading

You Should be Using Gnus Adaptive Scoring

Shopping with Org Mode

Evil and Emacs: An Uholy Matrimony

Every Day Carry 2014

Fedora Packaging via Vagrant

Back in the Saddle

Off the Grid


Protecting a Hackerspace's Community

make android shine

resolving to get my life together

Change of Scenery

Converged Computing 1: A Few Weeks With a TF300

Ansible Nagios Example

Django Tidbit: Logging in After User Activation

On Convergence

Hacking for Good 1

Moved to Pelican

"MakerFaire 2013"

"An Afternoon with Python and the Return of Blogmarks"

"ThreeJS, CTMLoader and Flat Shading"

Long Hours, Lonely Nights & Hard Problems

Hacking Hackerspaces' Infrastructure Part 1: HslLock

New Beginnings

Enyo Hackathon 4 Aug 2012 in Sunnyvale

"I was on hackaday today"

Test post please ignore

I'm so Web2.0+!

EnyoJS as a Framework for Great Justice

SocialStack, because the bubble hasn't burst yet

Mountain West Ruby Conf 2012

Rocketry Hacks Number 2 -- A Future Goal

Rocketry Hacks Number 1 -- Fin Jigs

Letters from Home

365 Project Day 2 - Explosive

Project 365 Day 1 - New Beginnings

Because I've not been making enough lately ....

Minecon 2011: Crafting, Meeting and Hacking

Let's See What the Next 12 Months Gives Us

In Which I Make My Own Bag

Fedora 16 Supplemental Wallpapers are GO for launch!

The Platform has Been Burned

SELF 2011 Day 1

All Aboard the Spevan

Morning Sounds

I want a Challenge

Long Live GnomeOS

Something you can't have a beef with

Call for ideas - Again

Joined The Hackerspace

Electric Boogaloo


FUDCon Day -2: Tha Retreet Day 2

FUDCon Day -X: Tha Retreet Day 1

Dysart USD Embraces FOSS -- Now What

Welcome POSSE Doha And Work Update

$dayjob 2011 resolutions: Ryan Rix edition

Setting Fedora GSoC in Motion

365 Project Day 4: In to the unknown

Cha cha cha changes in my getting-things-done habits

365 Project Day 3: Pushing My Buttons

365 Project Day 2: Weighty Situation

365 Project Day 1: Entrance

Photoblag: On top of the World

wearing myself too thin

Photoblag: Light Rail at Sunrise

Wordpress -- The com and the org

The artist formerly known as Hacker's Ramblings

UTOSC and stuff

What an amazing summer

Three hundred and sixty five

I wish I was a web developer sometimes….

Random Hair Brained Idea: Universal Chat bouncer

Well I'm standing on a corner, in Winslow Arizona, such a fine site to see... It's a Plasma::ScrollWidget, my lord!

Elegance, code, Ryan"January"Rix and feeling forky -- or why I haven't blagged abou SoC lately

Good byes are always the hardest

Meanwhile, at akademy

Akademy hackfest day 1

Akademy Day 1 and 2: Talks, tiredness, and second through fifth winds

Pre akademy goodness and strawberries

KDE EDU rocks, just sayin'

Some more spam for both of my subscribers’ rss feeds… Day 01: A Letter to your Best Friend

Akademy approacheth!

aseigo is forcing me to blag

Free as in Freedom, babeeeeeh

Progress in GSoC plasmaland +tags: facebook

Public Service Announcement

All hell can't stop me now.

Woops, I spilled some Plasma in my kontact! (or Yet Another SoC Planet Post)

How do I shot buildserver?

I haz an oven, and Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas.

Polycom IP 501 on fedora talk

NetGear WGR614v9 as an accesspoint?

Fedora Marketing FAD wrapup-- The"Oops, I've forgotten to blag"post of extreme embarassment and summary-of-getting-things-done and summary-of-things-to-plow-through and long titles and midnight waffles

Marketing FAD Day 1 -- Getting Stuff Done™

Marketing FAD Day 0 (Why caffeine on a plane is a bad thing)

The Great Desktop Desktop Switchoff Day 3

The Great Desktop Switchoff Day 2-3: Getting into the trenches

Phoenix, Arizona KDE SC 4.4 Release Party -- February 20

The Great Desktop Switchoff Day 1: Setup and first impressions

BasKet is dead. Long live BasKet(?)

KDE SC 4.4RC2 Fedora KDE preview

Things I learned at Camp KDE 2010

Camp KDE Day 1 (seriously, it is this time!)

My gift to you: Slow Cooker Lasagna

Final Touches: Fedora 12 on Thinkpad x200 Tablet

Fedora 12 on Thinkpad x200 Tablet

(Seemingly, the only) working Pyclutter examples.

Oh GTK, how I love learning about thee?

Vote. Now. Go do it. Seriously.

Thinking About Design: Fedora Tour Content

Want your voice heard this election season?

I Want to Celebrate... WITH YOU! (and some other troll food)

Some Poems I wrote for the Old Lady Being Mentored by Eyers

ABLEconf 2009, anyone? Yes, you!

Small Success Stories

Have You Submitted a Proposal for ABLEconf Phoenix 2009?

ping --helloworld

On Lack of Interests -- Or what now?

On Reinstalls -- Or"Nirik, what does -i do?"

On Asus -- Or what do you mean I can't take out the harddrive?

On Asus, Reinstalls and Lack Of Interests

Microsoft Contributes to the Linux kernel - Or what shines isn't always gold

July PLUG WSM Minutes

Why ChromeOS Scares Me -- or Open Standards != Open Source

Ryan Rix is a privacy rights advocate and net-art wannabe. Reach them on the Fediverse as, twitter as @rrrrrrrix, via email to or on Facebook or on Matrix as