Computer :(

I'm Ryan Rix, computer infrastructure wonk, public infrastructure wonk-wannabe, engineer at Uber, community engineer and breaker of hardware living in the gray bay area.

I build decentralized infrastructure in my free time. I build stupid Emacs libraries and applications. I take public transit. I computer :(. Some may say that I open source, too. I buy stupid domains and use them for bad jokes. My dirty secret is that all of my other jokes are based on old Liam Lynch videos.

In past lives, I've been a storer of stories hackerspace board member, javascript nerd and 3D printer botmaster. I am still some of these things.

I post various post types: long-form articles, photos, Check-ins, music I like, things I've read, Twitter-style notes, replies to posts and tweets, things I like, and things I've reposted or retweeted. I'm going to be adding more and more post types as I integrate them in to Arcology, my self-sufficient media platform.

Some random thoughts on improving self-hosting of software at home.

I took a bunch of photos of my Gundams

My little roguelike is coming together

Getting my Apartment setup to the point where I love it

History is written by the winners

So @NatlParkService is narrating my trip from Portland to Seattle

A guy from Portland gave me his yo-yo

Woke up this morning looking at this cutie

Spent the evening on #Amtrak talking to a really interesting guy from Japan

It doesn't have a name yet, but here is my Preonic.

Keyboard Layout Exploration

Catastrophic Data Loss and Me

Sad to see @StorehouseHQ will be shutting down on July 15, 2016.

Nervewire, a image deck

The Master Grade RX-93 Nu Gundam is a fun build. #gunpla

The Master Grade MSN-04 Sazabi is a wonderful #gunpla

Lunch outside of the @InternetArchive

Now @KevinMarks running a panel on p2p networks #DWebSummit

#DWebSummit @vgcerf Desirable properties of a self archiving web

Vint Cerf is talking about lessons learnt from the first internet and what the second should look like

I'm at the @InternetArchive for the Decentralized Web Summit

TIL Twitter blocks bots on

@torwegia ohhhhmyyygooddddd

Just gave a demo of Arcology at #indieweb Homebrew Website Club and no one laughed at me!

@BerlinWalrus Naw man, computers are bullshit.

I'm at another #indieweb homebrew website club!

@torwegia I mean, the canon is that vibranium absorbs sound so that its stronger... not reflects it

Completed my first Master Grade #gunpla

New signal identity

Walked 11050 steps on 05/15/16

@rrrrrrrix And the good news about going matrix-only is that I can still federate out to IRC and others at will.

This whole Moxie/Signal thing...

tfw your leadership is completely anti-state

Finished the Real Grade RX-78 Gunpla

My coworker gave me some emoji stickers

Really cool documentary on the creation of BART

Walked 8170 steps on Apr 26 2016

Starting the day off with a bit of home

Jump Up and Bounce Down by FantomenK on The Massacre

=matrix-client.el= 1.0.0 released!

"Go outside, fat fuck."

I bought tickets to a vocaloid show. 🙏 🙏 🙏

@michielscholten Thule is nice, but covered in logo and #brand :(

I am going to make every effort to go to the next #indieweb HWC 💟

I am going to Cyberdelia at DNA Lounge!

Went up to Torrie Pines today

@BerlinWalrus yeah, it's still a WIP, but it's coming along

@BerlinWalrus @Torwegia it's coming from Arcology my #indieweb blog-engine built in ...

@BerlinWalrus We'll need @Torwegia to be a razorgirl.

Today I bought a new bag

@BerlinWalrus All I've ever wanted in my life is to be a decker :3

@huertanix Oh, yeah, it is. I haven't checked my email in like two weeks augh.

Now that the base of Arcology is working, time to work on design...

Cyberstrike ft. Sabrepulse by Shirobon on The Arcade Dream

@huertanix @willbradley We could exchange Snowdenmail through the Web Of Trust, no?

Back on Signal (née E2E is a Ghetto)

Updated my gpg key's expiration date today

TIL that =surfraw= was written by Julian Assange

The Miami Knight

Cherry Pepsi by Saint Pepsi on HIT VIBES

Gonna Laser Etch on to Miami Nights tonight

Miami Nights Ergodox

Helped my friend Prescott pull images from space

Coworking at Cohoots

Introducing Arcology

Staffing some SRE positions at $DAYJOB

"Actually it's GNU+Windows"

Today I went to the Legion of Honor with @Torwegia

The Importance of Meditation Spaces

Selling a bunch of hobby toys

For sale: 54mm Binder Design Sentinel model rocket

For sale: 37mm 6 fin rocket

For sale: 54mm Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke

For sale: 54mm Black Brant II kit

For sale: 37mm Arcas HV Fibreglass model rocket

For sale: AeroSky 550 hexacopter

Apparently I had an evernote account still

The Importance of Having a Tribe and a Third Place

Another homebrew website club meeting (@ Mozilla San Francisco in San Francisco, CA)

Meetup Cancelled: Coffee.el

Rethinking how I store and process Quantified Self data

Bits of the dope-ass set that @Terminal11 played at F8 (via @NicolaSegall)

Just pushed =matrix-client.el= 0.3.0

Lostpass: Pixel-perfect lastpass phishing

Starting to curate a Twitter list of people decentralizing things.

Wow @trklou's CCC talk is powerful. Watch it.

Has the @EFF or anyone thought about making a minimal TAILS or Raspbian image just for GPG key setup?

Fixed a weird interaction issue i was having in #Emacspeak

I got @sonic_pi working with BCS

What does it want??

I pushed my #IndieWeb notes generator (the thing creating these posts)

The TTY Demystified should be required reading

Did a CAD design for the ergodox deck

Baby's second korg (cc @emilymhorsman)

Today I successfully used GPG to communicate securely with another human being.

RIP Ian Murdock 😿

Tonight I wrote a blog generator framework

How many words have been wasted on ten harmless ones that appear once in the message area when starting Emacs?

Publishing Short-notes using org-mode

Ryan Rix is a computer infrastructure fanboy who dabbles in decentralized systems. Reach him on twitter as @rrrrrrrix, via email to or on Facebook or on Matrix as